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Cross-Connection Control

Maintaining and Protecting your Backflow Prevention Device -

The primary objective of the Cross Connection Control Program is to protect the public potable water system at the service connection by containing within the consumer’s premises any actual or potential pollution or contamination which may result from backflow through cross-connections.
Cross Connection Control Program oversees and monitors the installation, testing and maintenance of approximately 10,000 backflow prevention assemblies currently within the Water Services area. Although it is the customer’s responsibility to test these devices annually and properly maintain their backflow prevention assemblies, the Cross Connection Control Program staff works closely with the Orange County Health Care Agency, the City’s Building Department, consultants and contractors to ensure that the proper backflow prevention assemblies are installed and are tested annually.

What is a Cross-Connection?
Any actual or potential connection or structural arrangement between a public or a consumer’s potable water system and any other source or system through which it is possible to introduce into any part of the potable system and used water, industrial fluid, gas, or substance other than the intended potable water with which the system is supplied. Bypass arrangements, jumper connections, removable sections, swivel or change-over devices and other temporary or permanent devices through which or because of which backflow can occur are considered to be cross-connections.

Backflow Prevention Assembly
An approved device assembly used to prevent backflow into the potable water system.

Annual Backflow Prevention Device Testing Requirements
The Safe Drinking Water Act Amendments of 1986, the California Code of Regulations, Anaheim Municipal Code, and Anaheim Public Utilities Cross Connection Control Program require that water users, at locations where backflow prevention devices are installed, must be tested annually and if needed, repaired by the water users and retested. The annual tests must be performed by a backflow prevention device tester certified by the Orange County Health Care Agency and has a valid City of Anaheim Business License. You may only use a backflow tester that is on the City’s approved list. You may download the approved Backflow Prevention Device Testers List as well as the Annual Backflow Prevention Device Test and Maintenance Report by clicking on the links below:

Backflow Prevention Device Testers List

Backflow Prevention Device Test and Maintenance Report

Send Copies of Completed Test Reports to Both Agencies

City of Anaheim, Public Utilities                                             Orange County Health Care Agency
Cross Connection Control Program                                           Cross Connection
201 S. Anaheim Blvd. Mail Stop #601                                       1241 E. Dyer Road, Suite 120
Anaheim, CA 92805                                                                  Santa Ana, CA 92705-5611
dqcastro@anaheim.net                                                            ocbackflowtests@ochca.com

City of Anaheim Cross Connection Control Program Pamphlet

To view the City of Anaheim Cross Connection Control Program, “How do I get stated?” pamphlet

please click on the following link: http://www.anaheim.net/Utilities/waterrules/cross_connection.pdf




For questions regarding the City of Anaheim Cross-Connection Control Program, please contact one of our Cross Connection Control Program staff:

Cross Connection Control Specialist Daisy Castro at 714.765.5203
Cross Connection Control Specialist
Marty Friebert at 714.765.4280
Water Inspection Supervisor
Stewart M. Noble at 714.765.4591