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Cross-Connection Control

Maintaining and Protecting your Backflow Prevention Device -

Marty Friebert / Daisy CastroA cross-connection is the point at which any unwanted domestic, industrial or institutional water from a customer’s system can flow back into the City’s water distribution system. This unwanted flow is called backflow. Backflow may be caused by numerous conditions; but typically is due to the pressure of the customer’s water system exceeding that of the City’s water distribution lines. Backflow prevention assemblies “prevent” the backflow of a customer’s contaminated or polluted water into the City’s distribution system using a check valve or anti-siphon valve.

Backflow Prevention Assembly
In order to protect the City’s water distribution system, the Anaheim Public Utilities oversees the installation, testing and maintenance of the approximately 10,000 backflow prevention assemblies currently installed in Anaheim. Although it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain backflow prevention assemblies, Anaheim Public Utilities staff works closely with the Orange County Enviromental Health Division, the City’s Building Department, consultants and contractors to ensure that proper backflow prevention assemblies are installed and are tested annually.

Backflow Device and Fireline Check Meter Thefts Continue
With the increasing value of scrap metals, theft of different sorts of metallic items are on the rise. Backflow devices and fireline check meters continue to be targeted across the region. These devices are critical to maintaining water system quality and can cost thousands of dollars to repair or replace. The business bears the full cost of repairing or replacing their devices, not to mention the potential disruption to water service to customer.

Anaheim Public Utilities alerts you to take precautions to protect your devices from theft and damage. In most cases, commercially available enclosures or locks may provide enough security to deter theft.

Other deterrents to theft

Increased lighting, trimmed landscaping, added patrols and or video surveillance are further steps you can take to protect your backflow prevention equipment. Of course, increased vigilance and awareness are always important. If you should observe a theft in progress or other suspicious activity, call 911 immediately. In the event that one of your devices is stolen or damaged by an attempted theft, we encourage you to file a report with the Anaheim Police Department. For your convenience, you may file a police report online from their Web site at the following link,: www.anaheim.net/PDeReport/start-report.html. Also, please contact one of our Cross Connection Control Specialists at the e-mail link or phone number listed at the bottom of this Web page


Annual Backflow Device Test Requirements
The California Code of Regulations and Anaheim Public Utilities require water users at locations where backflow prevention devices are installed to maintain their assemblies "... in a continuous state of good repair and test the devices annually". The annual tests must be performed by a backflow device tester that is certified by the Orange County Health Care Agency and has a valid City of Anaheim Business License. Therefore, you may only use a tester that is on the approved list. This list is updated monthly. You may download the list, along with a copy of our Annual Test and Maintenance Report at the links below.


The Orange County Health Care Agency maintains a cross-connection Web site that includes a code of conduct and list of responsibilities for backflow testers. Below is a link to Anaheim Public Utilities' list of backflow testers who are certified by Orange County and possess a City of Anaheim Business License.

Follow these simple steps listed below to make sure your backflow prevention device remains in good operating order and in compliance: To get started click here

Water Inspection Supervisor
Stewart Noble at 714.765.4591