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Now Playing - Award Winning Videos About your Anaheim Public Utilities

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Mylar Balloons QuickTime (15 MB)    
2014 Drought PSA QuickTime (15 MB)    
Tree Planting Guide
QuickTime (631 MB)   Windows Media
Water Sustainability Campus - The Process
QuickTime (42.7 MB)   Windows Media
Water Sustainability Campus Dedication
QuickTime (255 MB)  
Water Recycling Demonstration Plant Simple Animation QuickTime (54.7 MB) Windows Media
Geothermal Energy Simple Animation QuickTime (41.4 MB) Windows Media
Landfill Energy Simple Animation QuickTime (40.7 MB) Windows Media
Pay Your Bill Online QuickTime (1.4 MB) Windows Media
Pay Your Bill Online - en Espanol QuickTime (1.4 MB) Windows Media
"Water Conservation" 2009 Student Video Contest Winner

QuickTime (1.4 MB)  

Windows Media
"Be Water Wise" PSA

QuickTime (1.4 MB)  

Windows Media
Enhanced Streetscapes Through Undergrounding - Animation

QuickTime (3.1 MB)  

Windows Media
"Do Your Part" (#7) PSA

QuickTime (1.3 MB)  

Windows Media
"For Your Home" (#6) PSA

QuickTime (1.1 MB)  

Windows Media
"Who We Are" (#5) PSA Quicktime (1.4 MB) Windows Media
How Water Gets to Anaheim - Animation Quicktime (5.1 MB) Windows Media
How Electricity Gets to Your Home or Business - Animation QuickTime (7 MB) Windows Media
TreePower (#4) PSA QuickTime (1 MB) Windows Media
Underground Conversion Program - 2006 QuickTime (2.7 MB) Windows Media
"We're Here For You" (#2) PSA QuickTime (3 MB)     Windows Media
"True Commitment" (#1) PSA QuickTime (3 MB)   Windows Media
Water Quality PSA
Anaheim water is superior to the quality standards set by California and the United States Government to protect our health.
QuickTime (26 MB)    Windows Media
Green Power Resources 
Renewable Energy options for Anaheim.
Link to page  
Combustion Turbine Generator is an important local resource.
QuickTime (22 MB) Windows Media
Lenain Water Treatment Plant.
QuickTime (33 MB)   Windows Media
Quality On Tap 30 sec (#3) PSA QuickTime (1.1 MB)   Windows Media
Quality On Tap
Anaheim consumers enjoy safe, high quality water delivered directly to their tap, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water.
QuickTime (7.3 MB)   Windows Media