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Safe Schools Detail

The Anaheim Police Department is committed to providing a safe school environment to all students in Anaheim attending elementary through high school. The Safe Schools Detail consists of 5 investigators and 1 sergeant who are responsible for meeting the needs of 9 high schools, 7 junior high schools and over 40 elementary schools within the city borders. Investigators provide a myriad of services to the schools, ranging from investigating all law violations occurring at the schools to providing presentations regarding different topics of interest to schools’ staff and parents. Over the last 3 years, the police department has implemented a successful gang intervention program, known as GRIP (Gang Reduction Intervention Partnership), at several schools throughout the city.

The Police Department takes pride in the outstanding relationship it has built with all the school districts in Anaheim. Please contact any of the personnel listed below with questions or concerns regarding student/school issues. Also, please visit the two websites listed to learn more about GRIP and our effort to combat graffiti at the schools.



Anaheim Police Department Safe Schools personnel:

Sgt. Ed Deleon765-1591edeleon@anaheim.net
Inv. Ed Arevalo765-1809 Earevalo@Anaheim.net
Inv. Michael Cunha765-1976 mcunha@Anaheim.net
Inv. Michael Lee765-1896 mlee@Anaheim.net
Inv. Ladycarla Cashell765-1568 lcashell@Anaheim.net
Inv. Jason Smith 765-1510jsmith@Anaheim.net