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This page contains information on how things are done or processed in the Anaheim Police Department. If there are information that you need or have questions, please let us know. Click here to submit your question or inquiry online.

The following are how to's or questions that are frequently asked:

How do I request a police report?

To request a copy of a police report, click here

Complete the form and mail to:

  • Anaheim Police Department
  • 425 S. Harbor Blvd
  • Anaheim, CA 92805
  • Att: Report Request Desk

Please include a self addressed, stamped envelope and a check or money order made payable to the City of Anaheim, specifying "not to exceed $5.00" under the dollar amount line. Our copy fees are based on the number of pages provided and your fee total will be entered onto your check once your copy request has been approved and the page count totaled.

All report requests must be reviewed for eligibility for release and may take 5 to 10 business days to process.

The completed Request for Police Report form may also be brought to the Police Department during business hours.

How do I get my impounded vehicle back?

If your vehicle has been impounded by the Anaheim Police Department as a result of a traffic stop, or some other reason, the following is a guide on the procedure to recover your vehicle.

You must have a "Vehicle Release Form" to recover your vehicle from the tow company, no exceptions will be made. DO NOT go to the tow company to recover a vehicle without a release form, they will turn you away.

To obtain a "Vehicle Release Form" come to the Traffic Counter located in the front lobby of the Main Police Station at 425 S. Harbor Blvd.

To obtain the release form you must have the following documents:

  • A valid California Driver's License.
  • If you do not have a valid driver's license you may bring someone who does have one.
  • Proof that the vehicle is currently registered in your name.
  • The hours to obtain a release form from the Traffic Counter are:
    • Monday thru Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

You may call (714) 765-1860 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:30 PM, Monday thru Friday for information. Vehicle release forms CANNOT be obtained over the phone.

If your vehicle is on a mandatory 30 - day impound, you must wait 30 days from the impound date and then obtain the vehicle release form.

How do I pay for a parking citation?

In Person:

  • Anaheim West Tower - 201 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim CA 92805 - 1st Floor, Collections Department.



  • Call 1-888-242-5552


  • City of Anaheim. PO Box 61039, Anaheim CA 92803-6139 (Do Not Send Cash)
How do I challenge a parking ticket?

If you wish to challenge a City of Anaheim parking violation, you must:

  • Notify the Department that issued the violation by mail, in person, or online with a plea including an explanation of the reason for challenging the parking violation. The law mandates this must be done within 21 calendar days of the date of the "Notice Of Parking Violation" or within 14 calendar days of the date the "Delinquent Notice of Parking Violation" was mailed.

    If you do not respond within the time limits indicated above, you will not be able to challenge the parking violation and must pay the penalty with no other resources available to you. (Reference California Vehicle Code Section 40205)

    Completed contest forms can be mailed to:

    City of Anaheim
    Collections Department
    P.O. Box 61039
    Anaheim, CA 92803

    The results of this initial review will be mailed to you.

If you are not satisfied with the results of the initial review, you must:

  • Within 21 calendar days of the date of the results of the initial review were mailed, request an Administrative Review Hearing before the Hearing Officer by depositing the amount of the penalty with the:

    City of Anaheim Collections Department
    Cashier's Window
    201 S. Anaheim Blvd. Suite 101
    Anaheim, California 92805

    This may be done in person or by mail. The Administrative Review Hearing will take place at Anaheim Police Department, media room, 425 S. Harbor Blvd. Anaheim, Ca. 92805.

    If you do not request an Administrative Review Hearing within 21 days of the date the Initial Review was mailed, the results of the initial review become final. (Reference California Vehicle Code Section 40215)

If you are not satisfied with the results of the Administrative Review Hearing, you must:

  • Within 30 calendar days of the date the Administrative Review Hearing Deposition Form was mailed or presented to you, seek a review by filing a "Notice to Appeal" to the Superior Court of California, County of Orange, North Justice System.

    COURT: Superior Court of California, County of Orange
    North Justice Center, Civil/Small Claims
    1275 N. Berkley Avenue
    PO Box 5000
    Fullerton, Ca. 92635-0097

    You must serve a copy of the "Notice to Appeal" in person or by first class mail, upon the issuing agency.

    If a "Notice to Appeal" is not filed within 30 calendar days of the date of the Administrative Review Hearing Deposition was mailed or presented to you, the results of the Administrative Review Hearing becomes final. (reference California Vehicle Code Section 40230)

For further information or other inquires contact the Anaheim Police Department Traffic Bureau at (714) 765-1860.

How do I get my property back?

Release of items held as Evidence:

  • You MUST contact the investigator assigned to the case and request a release. If the investigator authorizes the release, you can contact the Evidence Bureau at (714) 765-1849 to schedule an appointment. You must have your report number and valid photo ID when picking up your property.

    Please see the Firearms/Safekeeping and Cash/Currency/Safekeeping procedures for releasing guidelines

    Evidence can only be claimed by the person named on the release. Letters will NOT be accepted.

Release of items held for Safekeeping:

  • Property MUST be claimed within 60 days or it will be destroyed. In order to retrieve items being held as Safekeeping, the owner must present a valid photo ID. The owner can designate another person to pick up the property for them; however, the designated person must have a signed letter authorizing them to pick up the property. The letter must include the name of the person authorized to pick up the property, description of the property, case number, and the signature of the property owner (signed and printed). In addition, the authorized person picking up the item(s) MUST have a valid photo ID.

    Cash will only be returned to the owner, unless otherwise specified by the officer or assigned detective.

Release of Firearms held for Safekeeping:

  • There are specific guidelines/procedures for firearms with NO EXCEPTIONS, for firearm inquiries and releases, please contact Mr. Joseph Hockenberry at (714) 765-1706.

Release of cash / currency held for Safekeeping:

  • Please contact Ms. Pat Willis at (714) 765-1589 or Ms. Nicole Rapp at (714) 765-1537. A letter from the owner is NOT accepted when picking up cash. Cash will only be returned to the owner, unless otherwise specified by the officer or detective assigned to the case.

Release of bicycles held for Safekeeping:

  • Please contact the Evidence Bureau at (714) 765-1849 to schedule an appointment to pick up bicycles, scooters or any other motorized bikes.

Hours of Operation:

The Evidence Bureau is opened Monday - Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. Closed on Saturday and Sunday. Upon arrival at the Anaheim Police Main Station, located at 425 S. Harbor Boulevard, please enter the building into the front lobby. You do not need to wait in line. Instead, you will find a phone located on the west wall of the lobby with a red signed labeled “Direct Phone Line”. This phone will automatically connect you with the Evidence Bureau.

How do I request a log of Calls for Service?

The Anaheim Police Department maintains a log of Calls for Service at the front counter of the police department for seven (7) days. The department also participates in a county wide program through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department to display daily calls for service in Anaheim. To view this information you may go to http://ws.ocsd.org/CrimeCalls/. The calls for service log and daily report through the County of Orange contains all information that is available for public release. A few crimes and activities must be screened due to investigative restrictions and victim privacy rights.

If you are interested in receiving a list of calls for service at a particular address in Anaheim, you may come to the police department front counter, call the Report Request Desk at (714) 765-1483, mail in a request, or request calls for service on-line through Anaheim Anytime and type in Calls for Service. If you call-in, write, or email the request, please make sure you include specific information on your request. In order to process your request, we will need the address of the location, the date range of the request, and how we can contact you so you may receive the information once it is completed.

How do I request Crime Statistics?

The Anaheim Police Department has several ways citizens can receive crime statistics. On our website we have links to crime statistics by neighborhood and links to crime mapping: Crime Statistics. If the data you are looking for is not already on our website, you can request crime statistics through Anaheim Anytime and type in Crime Statistics. We can provide Part I Crimes (homicide, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, stolen vehicles, and arsons). Please make sure you include specific information on your request if you contact us through Anaheim Anytime.

What is an alarm permit and why do I need it?

The Anaheim Police Department strives to deliver a high quality of service to the residents and business owners in the City. If the Police are dispatched to your home or business in response to an alarm activation, or other emergency, and no one is present, it is very important that the Police Department be able to contact someone responsible for the location in a timely manner. The Anaheim Police Department has two forms that provide valuable information to Police Dispatchers that can be relayed to responding Officers.

These forms are an application for a "Burglar Alarm Permit," and an "Emergency Notification Card." Both forms have spaces to list a person(s) who can take responsibility in the case of an Emergency. A Burglar Alarm Permit is required for any alarm installation in Anaheim. An Emergency Notification Card should be submitted for those locations without alarms. These forms can be picked up at the front counter of the Anaheim Police Department, downloaded or printed the services page of the Anaheim Assistance Center web site, or they can be completed and submitted online:

The completed forms can be returned to the Police Department front counter or mailed to the following address:

  • Anaheim Police Department
  • Attn: Alarms-East Station
  • PO BOX 3369
  • Anaheim, CA 92803

If you have any questions, please phone our Alarm Permit PSR at 714-765-3849.

How do I report graffiti?

Graffiti can be reported to the City in several ways.

  1. To report graffiti in progress, contact the Anaheim Police Department at 9-1-1. You can remain anonymous if you would like.
  2. If you locate graffiti after it has occurred, you can report it via the City of Anaheim's web page. On the web page, go to the "Anaheim Anytime" resource tab and you can make a service request.
  3. The City of Anaheim has a proactive graffiti removal program that works 7 days a week and you can also report the graffiti directly to them by dialing 3-1-1 or (714) 765-4311.
  4. 4. Lastly, if you have a smart phone, the City of Anaheim has an app "My Anaheim" which can be downloaded free of charge. This app on your phone can also be used to report graffiti and allows you to take a photo of it to send with the report if you would like.

Graffiti is a sore sight for the community and left alone can lead to an increased fear of crime. It is important to report graffiti immediately to keep the community you live in safe and looking its best.

How do I schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted?

All fingerprinting services are by appointment only. Please bring your photo identification, completed live scan service application form for Livescan applicants, and the correct fees.

The police department fingerprinting fee is twelve dollars. Information regarding the additional fees required by the Department of Justice and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigations should be obtained from your employer. Payment will be collected at the time of service and only cash will be accepted. If your Livescan application shows an agency billing number, only the twelve dollar fee is required.

To schedule an appointment, please call (714) 765-1997 and wait for the fingerprinting selection on the recording.