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Short-Term Rental Program

In February of 2013, the City Council requested that staff research the short-term rental properties in Anaheim and provide suggestions for regulating this growing industry. Since that time, the number of short-term rentals in the City has grown from 132 to more than 200. In order to protect neighborhoods, and effectively regulate this growing practice, City staff developed the Short-Term Rental Program.  

On May 13, 2014, the Anaheim City Council finalized an Ordinance designed to regulate the short-term rental industry. The Ordinance requires every property owner that rents his or her residential property on a short-term basis (3 to less than 30 days) to obtain a Short-Term Rental Permit. This includes property owners that operate their home as a short-term rental for a limited duration throughout the year. Applications must be received within thirty (30) days of the effective date of the Ordinance, which is July 1, 2014. This means all applications for Short-Term Rental Permits must be received no later than 5 p.m. on Thursday July 31

In order to obtain a Short Term Rental Permit, you must:

  • Complete the Short-Term Rental Permit Application
  • Submit payment of the $250 Registration Fee. 
  • If anyone other than the property owner is managing the property, a completed and notarized Authorized Agent Appointment form is required.

    If approved, a REG Permit ID# will be issued for your property. If you operate multiple short-term rentals, you must apply separately for each address. Your unique REG Permit ID# must be included in all advertisements for your short-term rental property. Each Short-Term Rental Permit must be renewed annually by resubmitting an application form and resubmitting the Registration Fee, which will be used to by the Community Preservation & Licensing Division to administer the Short-Term Rental Program. 

    The program will be administered by the Community Preservation & Licensing Division, which has the power to:

    • Investigate complaints and issue notices of violation
    • Issue Civil Citations according to the approved penalty schedule
    • Conduct compliance inspections as a result of repeated complaints or violations made on a property, or when deemed necessary by the Planning Director

    Also, anyone operating a short-term rental without possessing a valid Short-Term Rental Permit will be subject to possible civil and criminal action.

    For more information, please review the Short-Term Rental Ordinance, or contact the Business License staff at 714-765-5194.