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Short-Term Rental Program - Program Rules

Once you have applied for a Short-Term Rental Permit by filling out the Short-Term Rental Permit Application, you must also ensure that your tenants abide by all applicable laws and City regulations. Failure to comply can lead to civil action by the Community Preservation & Licensing Division and/or criminal prosecution.

The penalty structure of the Short-Term Rental program was developed in conjunction with Anaheim's existing Code Enforcement policies, and the fee schedule associated with violating the rules set forth in the Short-Term Rental Program are as follows:

  • 1st Violation-  Penalties range from notice of violation to a fine not to exceed $200
  • 2nd Violation- Penalties range from notice of violation to a fine not to exceed $400
  • 3rd Violation- Penalties range from notice of violation to a fine not to exceed $1000 and your Short-Term Rental Permit may be revoked or suspended.

In addition, if you are found to be operating a Short-Term Rental without a valid Short-Term Rental Permit, you will be subject to penalties, including a notice of violation and/or citations.

To help owners and tenants better understand their responsibilities as a part of the Short-Term Rental Program, City staff has developed two resources that outline proper conduct for individuals operating, or staying in, a Short-Term Rental property.

  • The Anaheim Good Neighbor Brochure includes a brief summary of the Short-Term Rental program so owners and tenants have a quick reference guide containing tips to being a respectful short-term guest in a residential neighborhood. This brochure must be available in all Short-Term Rental properties. Click the link above to view the Good Neighbor Brochure, or visit City Hall to obtain your copy today.

  • The Short-Term Rental Program Short-Term Rental House Rules handout provides a more in-depth look at the most common issues associated with short-term rentals. The document outlines City policies regarding occupancy, excessive noise, parking, and waste disposal. This document should be given to tenants as part of their check-in packet so they will have a clear understanding of behaviors that violate the terms of the Short-Term Rental Program.  The House Rules also provide information on how to access this website and a telephone number to call for more information on the Short-Term Rental Program. Click the link above to view and print the House Rules.

For more information, please contact the Business License staff at 714-765-5194 or use our 24/7 online support at Anaheim Anytime