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Anaheim Police Explorers

The Anaheim Police Explorer Post is a program for young men and women interested in learning about future careers in the field of law enforcement. Designed for students between the ages of 14 and 21, the Explorer Post offers youths the opportunity to be involved in their community while making new friends and gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

Explorers attend weekly meetings, where they learn about the many jobs available to them in a classroom environment. Guest speakers from municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies are brought in to explain their jobs. Guest speakers include city patrol officers, K9 Officers, Narcotics Investigators, County Sheriffs, the County Coroner, Highway Patrol Officers and FBI agents.

Anaheim Explorers wear uniforms furnished by the Anaheim Police Department. Although we will purchase the majority of your uniform, you must be willing to purchase a few incidental items at your own expense, including shoes and a flashlight.

Explorers also learn through first-hand "on-the-job" experiences in the field, working non-enforcement related assignments with Police Officers. Our Explorers provide valuable services not only in Anaheim, but to many cities throughout Orange County. Explorers direct traffic at parades, charity runs and other special events. They provide tours of the police facility and provide child safety fingerprinting. Explorers help Officers at scenes of disasters and other major incidents. Anaheim Police Explorers search for missing persons and get involved in countless other community projects.

The City of Anaheim has been fortunate to have one of the largest and strongest Explorer programs in Orange County. Since 1963, thousands of high school and college aged students have served as Anaheim Police Explorers. Many have gone on to work for law enforcement agencies throughout the nation. Those that choose not to enter police work have gone on to be successful in their career choices, having firsthand knowledge of how city government works. They also carry with them life-long friends.

Anaheim Police Explorers attend a live-in Police Explorer Academy with other Orange County Law Enforcement Explorers. Every Explorer must attend at least one academy. Academies are held twice a year, normally at a military base and last approximately 4 days. These training sessions are quasi-militaristic and emphasize education, discipline and physical exercise.

If You're Interested:
We invite you to attend one of our meetings so that you can see what the Explorers do, what they get out of the program, and what we expect of our members.

Meeting Information:
Meetings are held at the Anaheim Police Department at 425 s. Harbor Blvd. Explorers meet every Wednesday night from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM. Guests must attend the meeting in business casual clothing.

Requirements to Become an Anaheim Police Explorer:
In order to become a member, you must….

  • Be at least 14 years old, and no older than 21 years of age.
  • Must maintain at least a "C" average in school.
  • Be free of any felony arrest, no current alcoholic beverage use, and free of any current criminal activity.

How Do I Join?
If you're interested in joining our program, you must…. ·

  • Attend three consecutive meetings.F
  • Submit an application for membership.
  • Successfully complete an oral interview.
  • Successfully complete a background check

For information about the Explorer Program, including meeting times, please contact Officer Leslie Vargas at (714)765-1813, or by e-mail lvargas@anaheim.net or Sgt. Jake Gallacher at (714)765-1539 or by e-mail jgallacher@anaheim.net

Requesting the Use of the Anaheim Police Explorers

The Anaheim Police Department allows the use of the Explorers to assist the community in a variety of community service projects. The Explorers have provided valuable volunteer assistance to the Anaheim Police Department and the City of Anaheim for over 35 years. These young men and women have provided their volunteer services in searching for missing persons and evidence relating to major crimes. They assist at the scenes of major fires and other disasters. Explorers conduct the fingerprinting of children, provide tours of Police facilities, direct traffic at special events, set up "lost children" booths at community gatherings and much, much more.

As a service to the community, the Anaheim Police Explorers frequently help non-profit community groups during special events. They have provided traffic control at fundraising events such as 10K runs. They have set up fingerprint booths and provided parking control for community events and other fundraising gatherings.

The Anaheim Police Department receives hundreds of requests annually for the services of the Explorers. Because of the high volume of these requests, not all of them can be accommodated. The Explorers are high school aged students, and since we are asking these young people to volunteer their time, we want to insure they are not used for inappropriate or non-goal oriented activities. Each request will be screened by an Advisory Staff to insure they meet the goals of the Explorer program. There is no charge for this service, however, depending on the nature of the activity the Explorer would be involved in, you may be asked to provide food and/or drinks for the volunteers.

If you're interested in utilizing the volunteer services of the Anaheim Police Explorers, please contact Officer Leslie Vargas at (714)765-1813, or by e-mail lvargas@anaheim.net or Sgt. Jake Gallacher at (714)765-1539 or send email to jgallacher@anaheim.net.