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Anaheim Police Department Mounted Enforcement Unit

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To request for participation of the Anaheim PD MEU please click here or contact:

Anaheim Police Department
Tactical Response Group

ATTN: Lt. Richard LaRochelle
425 S. Harbor Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805
FAX: (714) 765-1515


About Us

The Anaheim Police Department formally organized its Mounted Enforcement Unit in the spring of 1995 with the support of Chief Randall Gaston. The Unit’s presence quickly became noticed by the inhabitants of the City’s largest parks where day-to-day criminal activity was quickly minimized. As the horses’ popularity grew, so did the scope of their duties. Target neighborhoods started to see the horses patrolling their streets and alleys, performing enforcement activities as well as community relation activities.

With attendance at the Fall Festival Parade, Cinco-De-Mayo celebrations, Angel baseball games, Honda Center events, Flag Day Celebration/Parade and other large city events, the Department’s Mounted Enforcement Unit matured as a recognized asset in public relations as a highly visible and positive police presence.

Planning for the 2002 World Series, included a request from Major League Baseball to provide 40 horses to patrol the parking lot and take the field at the end of each game. In 2010, the same request was made by Major League Baseball when the City of Anaheim hosted the MLB All-Star Game and festivities week. Seeing the success of Mounted deployments, the Mounted Unit was also used during the 2007 Anaheim Ducks win of the Stanley cup and the following celebrations in and around the city.

The Anaheim Police Department Mounted Enforcement Unit has proudly represented the City of Anaheim at numerous, highly visible events including riding in the Presidential Inaugural parade in Washington DC, and the California Police Officer Memorials in Santa Ana and Sacramento. Anaheim mounted officers have received several prestigious awards competing within the California mounted police community including several trail trial championships and the unit has become a well-respected unit within the State.

In 2011 alone, the Mounted Enforcement Unit worked over 3000 hours and 175 deployments. In addition, the unit works closely with the Anaheim Police Department’s Cops for Kids Program, and the Jr. Cadet Program. Members of the Mounted Unit also donate countless hours and money every year to assist with ABC’s Christmas Toy Drive, and the Salvation Army’s Cops Care program at Christmas time.

Currently the Mounted Enforcement Unit consists of 9 riding Officers, 3 riding Sergeants and 1 riding Lieutenant. The unit works enforcement on the streets, parks and neighborhoods to make the City of Anaheim a “Safe place to live, work and visit.”

Although the Mounted Unit was formed in 1995, the City of Anaheim Police Department is no stranger to conducting law enforcement on the backs of their horses. Regardless of the year, as our motto states “The Light Cavalry Still Rides” in Anaheim.

circa 1925 circa 2011
circa 2012

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The Anaheim Police Department Mounted Enforcement Unit has been fortunate to visit many places throughout the United States and we continue to look forward to the places we will go. Some of the places we have visited were community events, some were large scale sporting venues, some were law enforcement related activities and some were to honor our fallen brothers and sisters who gave their lives in the line of duty. Regardless of the event or location, we were always proud to serve and looked forward to the next place to go. No matter what the event might be, the Mounted Unit brings a certain esprit de corps and formality to it, yet still providing that down home feeling reminiscent of the old west days where cowboys and horses were part of everyday life.

By having the Mounted Unit available and accessible to the public at the various events throughout the City of Anaheim, it promotes a positive image for the Department, and a great opportunity for the public to interact with the the police officers who serve the City. These types of contact promote a partnership between the members of the Anaheim Police Department and the community which is such an important component with community policing efforts.

Additionally, the Mounted Unit can often be seen managing large crowds at sporting events, demonstrations, parades, concerts and other gatherings. The mounted officers provide a highly visible police presence to deter criminal activity, and have the potential to provide a presence in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This is particularly helpful in areas where vehicular access is limited or impossible.

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The Anaheim Police Department Mounted Enforcement Unit is heavily involved with the community and citizens of Anaheim. Officers on the unit often donate their time to assist with programs such as the Police Explorers, C4K (Cops for Kids), the Salvation Army Toy Drive, ABC News “Stuff the Bus” along with many other programs. In addition, officers from the mounted unit take part in numerous community programs throughout the year both in and out of the city. These events allow the community to interact with members from the Mounted Enforcement Unit, and it gives the officers an opportunity to get to know their partners within the neighborhoods they protect and serve on a daily basis.

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The Anaheim Police Department Mounted Enforcement Unit has a great relationship with surrounding law enforcement agencies and their mounted units. So much so that a Regional Mounted Enforcement Unit was formed to assist one another at various events. Because of this collaboration, a standardized training regiment and curriculum was developed for mounted enforcement officers and their mounts. This training has blossomed into some of the best training in the state, with several mounted enforcement units attending the training every month to gain knowledge, perspective and experience from tested and certified instructors.

Training occurs at least once a month and it typically starts in the arena. With over 40 mounts and their riders present, the day begins with basic equitation, formation riding and general horsemanship. As the day progresses, the intensity of the training rises as mounts are exposed to stimulus, such as crowds, gun fire, fireworks, fog machines, tents, tape, loudspeakers, and just about anything else the creative instructors can think of. This type of training allows the mounts and their riders to become adjusted and familiar with stimulus they may encounter during their patrols, whether it is during a parade or enforcement riding through a neighborhood. The mounts are even exposed to shopping carts and baby strollers going under their bellies for that occasional runaway cart or stroller.

In addition to the stimulus, the mounts and their riders are often given scenarios where they must deal with unruly or agitated people. This may result in riders having to dismount, or handle the situation from their saddle. Either way, this provides a great opportunity for both the mount and rider to experience this type of excitement in a controlled environment. We believe the more we train and expose our mounts to everything we can think of, the better prepared they will be feel and the more comfortable they will feel with any situation they face on the streets. This ultimately leads to a positive outcome and training day for both the rider and the mount.

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Mounted Unit Officers and Their Mounts


b3 Sergeant Chris Pena
Mounted Enforcement Unit Supervisor


Sergeant Chris Pena has been a member of the Mounted Enforcement Unit since 1995. His police mount MAGGIE has been his courageous partner for the last six years. She was given her name by the daughter of her previous owner.
Mount MAGGIE is a 14-year-old American Quarter horse Mare and is considered a “Bay” because of her colors. She has a rare double mane that falls on both sides of her neck. She is short but well muscled horse that loves to chase steers and crooks alike!

Although independent and mostly fearless as a police horse, she is equally comfortable on the trail. When not at work, Sergeant Pena and Mount MAGGIE can be found riding trails in the Santa Ana Mountains.

Mount MAGGIE’S Message:"A true cowboy is kind and gentle to small children, old folks, and animals.” Gene Autry




b4Officer Brian Carrion

Mount WYATT and Officer Carrion are members of the Anaheim Police Department’s Mounted Enforcement Unit. Mount WYATT and Officer Carrion have been partners since 2009. Mount WYATT got his name from pawing the ground whenever he felt bored or nervous.

Mount WYATT is a “Bay” gelding American Quarter Horse. Mount WYATT is used for law enforcement, crowd control, and search and rescue. Mount WYATT stands at 16 hands tall. Mount WYATT excels at moving people where he wants due to his size.

When not working with Mount WYATT, Officer Carrion is a motorcycle officer. Officer Carrion has been with the Anaheim Police Department since 1990.

Mount WYATT’s Message: “All battles are fought by scared men who’d rather be someplace else.” John Wayne




b7 Officer Richard Olmedo

Mount WINCHESTER and Officer Olmedo are members of the Anaheim Police Department’s Mounted Enforcement Unit. Officer Olmedo has been a Police Officer since 1991. Mount WINCHESTER and Officer Olmedo have been partners since 2010. Mount WINCHESTER is a gelding “Buckskin” American Quarter Horse, whose ancestors originated in Spain. Mount WINCHESTER is a caring, devoted, and fearless partner. His favorite treats are apples and granola bars. When Mount WINCHESTER is not working, he enjoys splashing in the riverbed and going for walks with his partner.


Mount WINCHESTER’S Message: “No man in the wrong can stand up to a man in the right who just a keeps on coming.” Texas Rangers Motto




b8Officer Eric Anderson
Mount: CASH

Officer Anderson and his partner, CASH, have been members of the Anaheim Police Department’s Mounted Unit since 2008.

CASH is a gelding, bay, American Quarter Horse, who was born on a ranch in Montana. Prior to becoming a police horse, CASH was primarily used to gather cattle on large ranches.

Officer Anderson and CASH spend a lot of time together, as CASH lives with Officer Anderson on his property. When they are not working, CASH and Officer Anderson enjoy training and trail rides.


Mount CASH’s message: “Courage is being scared to death, and saddling up anyway.” John Wayne




b9 Officer Rodney Duckwitz

Police Mount LINCOLN and Officer Duckwitz are both member of the Anaheim Police Department’s Mounted Enforcement Unit. Officer Duckwitz has been a Police Officer with the City of Anaheim since 1994. Law enforcement is a fairly new career path for Mount LINCOLN.

Mount LINCOLN spent most of his early years working as a ranch horse in Nevada. Mount LINCOLN later moved to Northern California in search of adventure as a roping horse. Although Mount LINCOLN enjoyed great success in California and won numerous awards, he soon discovered that his true calling was in police work as enforcement mount.

In 2010, Mount LINCOLN and Officer Duckwitz successfully completed the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Mounted Academy and became official members of the Anaheim Police Department’s Mounted Enforcement Unit. Mount LINCOLN and Officer Duckwitz have been partners ever since. You may see Mount LINCOLN and Officer Duckwitz patrolling at the Angels Stadium, Convention Center, Resort District or any of the local neighborhoods. If you do, be sure to say hello!

Mount LINCOLN’s message: “There’s no right way to do the wrong thing.”




b10 Officer Paul Christy
Mount: GRACE

Officer P. Christy and his police Mount GRACE have been working together on the Mounted Enforcement team for the past twelve months. Mount GRACE has been a police mount for over five years and has extensive experience and hundreds of hours of deployments.

Mount GRACE is an American Quarter horse gelding and is classified as a Bay. Mount GRACE stands approximately fifteen-two hands high with a laid-back disposition that just wants to please.

Officer P. Christy has been a sworn full time Police Officer for almost thirty years and has worked several different assignments throughout the department. On their days off, Office P. Christy and Mount GRACE enjoy long trail rides and training together.

Mount GRACE’s message: “Courage is doing the right thing even when it is not the most popular decision.” Cowboy up. The good life.




b11 Officer Mike Reichmann

Officer Reichmann and his police Mount QUATTRO have been working together on the Mounted Enforcement Unit since 2011. Mount QUATTRO is a gelding American Quarter horse that is registered as a Bay. Mount QUATTRO stands approximately 15.3 hands tall. Mount QUATTRO has been to two separate police horse-training academies and has been on the unit since 2007.

When not working, Mount QUATTRO enjoys long t rail rides and fast galloping. Officer Reichmann has been a Police Officer with the Anaheim Police Department since 2001.

Mount QUATTRO’s message: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.”




b12Officer Long Cao
Mount: JACK

Officer Long Cao is the newest addition to the Mounted Enforcement Unit, although he has been riding and training with the unit for the last year. Long has been a police officer with Anaheim PD for 10 years and came to Anaheim from another law enforcement agency. Officer Long Cao has enjoyed every aspect of learning how to ride, train and master the elements of horsemanship and equitation.

Mount JACK is also one of the newest mounts on the Mounted Unit and was chosen because of his even temperament and level head. Mount JACK has grown accustomed to the stimulus that police mounts are continuously exposed to and he also enjoys his trail rides. Mount JACK is an American Quarter Gelding and he is classified as a Bay.

Mount JACK’s message: “A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”


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