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Helping Neighborhoods Help Themselves...Helping Neighborhoods Help Themselves...Helping Neighborhoods Help Themselves...


What is Neighborhood Council?
Your district’s Neighborhood Council is instrumental in focusing on the needs of your neighborhood. The District Neighborhood Council is part of the Anaheim Neighborhood Improvement Program that uses an inter-departmental approach to improve the livability of Anaheim’s neighborhoods. Utilizing 4 neighborhood districts and interdepartmental teams assigned to each district, neighborhood improvement is accomplished by creating partnerships between neighborhood “stakeholders” (City departments, residents, property owners, school officials, the religious community business community and non-profit organizations). This partnership develops a long term vision for your neighborhood’s success!

Meetings are held quarterly with additional meetings scheduled throughout the year as needed. Neighborhood Councils bring people together, provide useful information and help you find ways to participate in your community. Get involved and join us at the next Neighborhood Council Meeting!