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Design Services

Welcome to the Design Services Home Page. The Design Services Section is responsible for the overall planning and development of the City's arterial highways and the master planning and design of all arterial street, storm drain, and sewer improvements plans. The Design Section is the lead for all special interagency capital improvement projects including highway interchange, rail grade separations and smart street projects.

The Engineering Division also:

  • Advertises projects, reviews bids, and handles the award process.
  • Secures grant funding for Capital Improvement Projects
  • Develops Technical Engineering Reports and Studies
  • Prepares and maintains Master Plans for Sewer and Drainage
  • Prepares and maintains the Pavement Master Plan
  • Responds to inquiries of the public
  • Maintains the City's Design Standards Manual and Specifications
  • Develops and maintains the City's Capital Improvement Plan
  • Coordinates Underground Utility Projects with Utilities and Agencies
  • Coordinates proposed freeway improvements with Caltrans and OCTA

It is the Engineering Division's goal to deliver projects on time and under budget, to establish a list of project priorities and schedules, and respond quickly and effectively to all our customers' concerns.

      Rudy Emami, City Engineer
      David Mori,  Design Services Manager