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ANAHEIM, CA (August 23, 2011) -

All property owners in Anaheim now have the ability to go online and quickly find out whether their rooftop is ideal for solar installation with the Anaheim Solar Map. Anaheim Public Utilities first piloted this technology on a 3-mile radius and is now proud to announce all of Anaheim has been outfitted with this solar mapping technology.

Anaheim is also the first city in California to integrate a solar overlay feature; a visual color display that identifies which rooftop could produce the most solar energy; with the color red representing a rooftop spot that is most ideal and the color blue being the least. The Solar Map tool, available at  anaheim.solarmap.org, allows a user to simply enter an Anaheim address and easily access a variety of solar information, with just the use of a computer.

Anaheim property owners can determine the solar potential of their rooftop; estimate how much a solar energy system would cost; identify energy savings on their electric bill;  provide insight on how much greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced with a system in place; identify local solar installation companies; and learn more about what other solar systems have been installed in Anaheim. This technology combines aerial images with calculators and other features to provide property owners with facts and figures needed to determine whether the purchase of a solar panel system is right for them. To date, more than 290 solar systems have been installed in the past 11 years.

“It is our hope that Anaheim customers can get all of the information they need at their fingertips with our Solar Map. This portal is one of many tools we offer to help them do their part to build a sustainable future and to make installing solar energy more affordable.” said Jordan Brandman, Anaheim Public Utilities Board Chair.

Anaheim Public Utilities offers a number of other resources including: financial incentives—as much as 50% of the installed cost; tools to help customers find a qualified solar energy installer; access to a personal solar energy consultant; and other energy efficiency measures designed to help residents save on their utility bills. This incentive has been highly popular and is currently fully subscribed, but Anaheim Public Utilities plans to start accepting applications beginning January 2012. More information on the Solar Energy Incentives program is available at a special workshop on September 17th. To sign up, contact the program manager, Dina Predisik at 714.765.4182 or dpredisik@anaheim.net.

To learn more, visit anaheim.net/utilities and click on Rebates and Incentives.


ABOUT ANAHEIM PUBLIC UTILITIES For more than 100 years, Anaheim Public Utilities has served Anaheim water and electric customers with low rates and reliable service. Anaheim Public Utilities is Orange County's only publicly owned water and electric utility.

ABOUT ANAHEIM The City of Anaheim, founded in 1857, is one of the nation's premier municipalities and is California's 10th most populous city. Anaheim covers 50 square miles with more than 345,500 residents and more than 2,100 City employees. The municipal corporation's annual budget is $1.3 billion. Anaheim supports a thriving business community with companies such as CKE Restaurants, Inc., L-3 Communications, Pacific Sunwear, and Disneyland Resort. Successful sports franchises call Anaheim home, including Angels Baseball, Anaheim Ducks, Anaheim Arsenal, and the 2008 Olympic Gold Medal winning USA Men's Volleyball team. Anaheim also boasts world-class meeting and entertainment venues with the Anaheim Convention Center, the largest on the west coast, Honda Center, The Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim GardenWalk, and Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Annually, Anaheim welcomes millions of visitors to the city, truly making it where the world comes to live, work and play. For more information, please visit www.anaheim.net.