1. Print Motivation
  2. Print Awareness
  3. Letter Knowledge
  4. Vocabulary
  5. Narrative Skills
  6. Phonological Awareness

Print Motivation

  • Begin reading books early, even when your child is a newborn.
  • Children who enjoy being read to will want to learn how to read.
  • Let your baby see you reading.
  • Make book sharing a special time.
  • Visit your public library often.


Below is a suggested activity that you can do with your little one to introduce print motivation. You'll need a puppet or stuffed animal and a picture book. The goal is to introduce how to read a book to your child.


  1. Place the book upside-down where you and your child can see it.
  2. Bring out the puppet and introduce it to your child. Explain that the puppet is going to read the book, but will need some help. Encourage your child to interact with the puppet.
  3. Begin the activity by having the puppet look for the title, author and illustrator of the book. Since the book is upside-down, the puppet should ask for help from your child. For example, "I want to read this book, but first I need to tell you the title. I can’t find it! The book is upside down. There's the title. What does ‘title’ mean?"
  4. Continue the activity with the puppet asking for your child’s help reading the book. 

    For example:
  •  "What should I do first if I want to read the book?"
  •  "Where should I start reading?"
  •  "Help me turn the page."
  •  "Can you help me find the picture of __________?"