Turf Replacement Program

Enhanced Turf Replacement Program Rebate

Through the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s (Metropolitan) SoCal Water$mart Program, Anaheim Public Utilities customers are eligible to receive $2 per square foot of turf removed, up to 5,000 sq. ft. for residents and 50,000 sq. ft. for commercial customers.

Turf Replacement Program Rebate Requirements

In order to be eligible for a rebate, you must apply and receive project start approval before removing any turf (grass). Please visit socalwatersmart.com to view additional program requirements and begin the application process.

New front yard and/or parkway projects must follow City of Anaheim Landscaping Requirements. Prior to installation, the Anaheim Planning Department must review and approve the proposed landscape design. Please call a Planner at 714-765-5139 for assistance.

Be Water Smart

Be Water Smart Gardening Workshops

Sign up for our FREE Sustainable Landscaping workshops at various locations throughout the city. Learn more about drought tolerant water-saving, landscapes that can help conserve water and energy while reducing maintenance.

NEW Online Landscaping Workshop Series

Anaheim Public Utilities is pleased to announce a NEW series of online virtual Landscaping Workshops, hosted in partnership with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and presented by the Green Gardens Group, a leader in sustainable landscaping. Online Workshops will provide an overview of California Friendly and native landscape training, along with elements of turf removal and garden transformation. Please visit the Green Gardens Group web page using the below link to view workshop dates and times. 

Registration is required to attend.

WaterSmart Landscape Award

Each spring Anaheim Public Utilities hosts the annual WaterSmart Landscape Award in recognition of Anaheim residents and businesses for their implementation of sustainable, water efficient landscapes. The contest is open to Anaheim residents and businesses that have created California Friendly landscapes which excel in sustainable landscape design, creativity, and plant selection.

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