Thank you for your interest in the Anaheim Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES) program, sponsored by Anaheim Fire & Rescue’s Emergency Management and Preparedness Section.  RACES is an emergency management volunteer program that utilizes state of the art ham radio technology to provide vital communications support during emergency incidents and routine events and activities. 

RACES volunteers are able to:

Provide communications support to our Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
Report the extent of damage
Provide live TV footage to the EOC from the incident site
Participate in disaster exercises
Provide communications for non-emergency events such as parades
Provide communications support for emergency shelters and evacuation sites

Anaheim RACES holds monthly meetings at the Downtown Anaheim Community Center. Contact us for details on when and where exactly meetings are held.

Weekly Net 

We encourage you to check in during our weekly net, which is held every Monday at 7:30 p.m. Weekly net frequency is: 
146.265 MHz PL 136.5 

Annual Activities

Annual Full-Scale Disaster Exercise
RACES participates in the City of Anaheim’s annual disaster exercises when appropriate. The team provides emergency communications in the field and in the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
Ham Radio Field Day 
RACES members bring our Emergency Communications trailer and generator to participate in the annual Ham Radio Field Day, which is a 24 hour amateur radio exercise held simultaneously throughout the nation. We hold this event on the last full weekend in June each year.


Membership Requirements for Prospective members:
  • Complete and submit an Anaheim RACES Volunteer Application
  • Complete the Disaster Service Worker Form
  • Pass livescan conducted by the Anaheim Police Department
  • Complete the following online FEMA course IS-100 and IS-700
  • Provide a copy of your Amateur Radio License