About Anaheim Public Library

The City Librarian, Audrey A. Lujan welcomes you to the Anaheim Public Library! We are the City's leading information hub with a network of seven library branches serving the city of Anaheim and surrounding communities, plus a Mobile Library (Bookmobile), a book vending machine at ARTIC transportation center and the Anaheim Heritage Center which houses our local history collection.

The Anaheim Public Library is the cornerstone of your neighborhood, providing resources and opportunities for all ages. Learn about the engaging programs and unique services offered to you and your family. Your Anaheim Public Library Card gives you access to our digital collection of both Audiobooks and eBooks through the cloudLibrary app. In addition, we offer a variety of book recommendations, digital learning tools, and a portal to the Library Catalog where you can access books, historical photos, and track your reading list.

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Equity Statement

Mission Statement

Anaheim Public Library promotes literacy, lifelong learning, and a love of reading through traditional print materials as well as virtual services. 

Our mission is to promote information through programming and engage our community while providing a safe space for the diverse members of Anaheim to share, thrive, explore, create, enjoy, honor, celebrate, and engage with one another.

Approved by the Anaheim Public Library Board on April 8, 2019.