Ultimate Teen Reads

The most current and popular Teen books available at your Anaheim Public Library.
Children of Blood and Bone
By Tomi Adeyemi
Zelie Adebola remembers when her land was flourishing and filled with magic. That all changed when the night magic disappeared and all majis were killed leaving her without a mother. She now plans on restoring her land by challenging the monarchy that wants to eradicate all magic from the land.
Little & Lion
By Brandy Colbert
Suzette returns home after being sent away to school, supposedly for her own good. While away at school she fell in love, but never with someone who she thought she would. Now home, she has to deal with her brother's mental illness and navigating her identity and her sexuality while being there for him. 
I'm Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter
By Erika L. Sanchez
It was Olga's role to be the perfect Mexican daughter, not Julia's. But now that Olga is gone, Julia is up to never abandon her family but all they can point out is how she is coming up short. Julia starts to find out that Olga may have not been so perfect in the end. What is Julia suppose to do now that neither of them might be the perfect Mexican daughter?
Dear Martin
By Nic Stone
Justyce McAllister is set on an Ivy League track and everything seems to be going well. Up until he's being handcuffed and put into the back of a police car. Trying to escape the neighborhood he's from and the ridicule of his classmates, he looks the the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. But does his writings live up? He pens a journal to Dr. King to find out.
The Poet X
By Elizabeth Acevedo
Xiomara Batista has learned to put up a defense every since she grew into her curves while living in Harlem. To express the way she's felt she's taken a pen to her journal to write poetry. It's her escape to speak on her crush, her mother's religion obsession and to just be her. Once she's recognized for her talents she joins a slam poetry club where it all comes out.
Far From the Tree
By Robin Benway
Three adopted siblings start their journey on finding out their biological roots. Grace, the middle adopted child just gave up her child for adoption so the urge to find her biological family grows even stronger. On her journey she finds her bio siblings who are working out issues of their own.
The Hate U Give
By Angie Thomas
Starr Carter has to navigate between the neighborhood she knows and the suburban prep school she attends everyday. Everything comes to a halt when she witnesses her best friend shot and killed by the police, who was unarmed. Starr is the only person who can set the record straight on what happened that night. Starr speaking can change her community  as well as her life.
Turtles All the Way Down
By John Green
Aza puts on her detective hat and tries to get ahold of the hundred thousand dollar prize behind the mystery of the local fugitive billionaire. While doing this she's trying to be the best daughter, best student and best friend while trying not to get lost in it all.
They Both Die at the End
By Adam Silvera
Death Cast calls both Mateo and Rufus at the same time. They are both going to die today. So the next best thing is to go on Last Friend app to find someone to live your last day with. They meet up to live a whole life in 24 hours.