Save Energy
  • Many new dishwashers do not require you to rinse the dishes before loading. However, if you prefer to pre-rinse, use cold water.
  • Replacing your old dishwasher? Purchase an ENERGY STAR-rated dishwasher and apply for a rebate from Anaheim Public Utilities.
  • Run your dishwasher instead of washing dishes by hand. Loading the breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack dishes into the dishwasher for washing once a day will use about 17 gallons of hot water compared to the 10 gallons of hot water you’ll use washing the dishes by hand after each meal.
  • Use short cycles in the dishwasher for everything but the dirtiest dishes. They use less energy and work just as well.
  • Avoid using the rinse hold setting on your dishwasher. This feature uses up to 7 more gallons of hot water each use.
  • If your dishwasher has an air dry setting, choose it instead of heat drying. You can cut your dishwasher’s energy usage by 40%. If your dishwasher does not have this setting, turn it off after its final rinse and let the dishes air dry. It takes more time but saves you electricity and money.