How to Receive Requests for Proposal for Consulting Services

Doing Business with Anaheim Public Utilities 

Anaheim Public Utilities frequently requires professional engineering, design, environmental and other consulting services in support of capital projects and other ongoing planning, operation and maintenance activities conducted on behalf of the city.

As-Needed Service Agreements

To expedite securing these services, the Anaheim City Council approves 3-year, as-needed service agreements. Under the terms of these agreements, consultants will be asked to submit project-specific proposals as services are required. Proposals will be evaluated and awarded in accordance with Council Policy 4.1. The most qualified consultant will then be issued a notice to proceed by the Public Utilities General Manager, or her designee. These as-needed agreements have a not-to-exceed limit of $400,000 for each project.

Projects Exceeding $400,000

Anaheim Public Utilities will follow a similar process for projects that exceed $400,000 by first requesting proposals and then evaluating the proposals in accordance with Council Policy 4.1. However, a new contract must be drawn, and the City Council’s approval will be required to award those projects. Therefore, unlike projects of $400,000 or less, these larger projects are open to all consultants.

How to Become a Pre-Qualified Consultant and Receive RFPs

To receive requests for proposal (RFPs) for these larger projects, or to be considered for future as-needed service agreements when they are renewed, consultants are encouraged to submit statements of qualifications (SOQ). This will allow Anaheim Public Utilities to add the names of such firms to the lists of pre-qualified consultants for the types of services for which they qualify. 

Statement of Qualifications Requirements

Firms submitting SOQs should indicate the types of services the firm is interested in providing and should contain, at a minimum, the following information and experience as it relates to the service(s) that the firm is interested in providing:
  • A list of references for recently completed projects
  • Details of recent similar projects completed by the firm, including:
    • A brief description
    • Approximate project cost
    • Client name
    • Completion date
    • Key project staff
    • Lead agency
    • Location
    • Telephone number
  • Professional resume of key personnel
  • The name, title and contact information of the consulting firm. Contact information required includes:
    • Address
    • Email address
    • Fax number
    • Telephone number

Selection Criteria

For each project, Anaheim Public Utilities will select the most qualified consultant at a fair and reasonable cost based on the following Council Policy Number 4.1 criteria:
  • Ability of the consultant to perform the specific tasks outlined in the RFP
  • Amount and quality of time key personnel will be involved in their respective portions of the project
  • Demonstrated record of success on work previously performed
  • Qualifications of the specific individuals who will work on the project
  • Reasonableness of the fee required to do the work
  • The specific method and techniques to be employed by the consultant on the project or problem


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