Regulatory Relief

On Monday, December 6, the Regulatory Relief Task Force unveiled a new report with 17 recommendations on ways to make it easier to do business in the City of Anaheim. Created by Mayor Tait last January, the Task Force was charged with reviewing the regulatory burden on existing and prospective businesses in Anaheim and making recommendations that help foster more freedom for Anaheim’s business community.

Additional Comments From Members Of the Anaheim Regulatory Relief Task Force
  1. Randy Bruegman
  2. Ken Clark
  3. Scott Fazekas
  4. Phillip R. Schwartze
  5. Tom VanDorpe
Randy Bruegman, Chief - Anaheim Fire and Rescue Inc.
“Anaheim Fire and Rescue valued the opportunity to provide input to the Anaheim Regulatory Relief Task Force on how we can best serve our customers. Our opportunity to solicit feedback from fellow task force members on a new and imaginative approach to business inspections that is both risk-based and customer needs focused, will result in lower fees to businesses in Anaheim.”
"While cities don't write the regulations that come out of Sacramento and Washington, they often have great leeway in how those regulations are interpreted and implemented.

Where it is in our power, the city should interpret state and federal regulations in a way that maximizes freedom for entrepreneurs. Job-creators, innovators and risk-takers should be given as much running room as possible for their pursuit of happiness. That is how opportunity is created.

As we celebrate the centennial of Ronald Reagan's birth this year, it would be a fitting tribute to apply his wisdom to Anaheim by creating a citizens' commission of innovators, key business leaders and city staff who would comprehensively review Anaheim's regulatory structure and report back with a detailed plan for reducing regulation.

Our goal should be to eliminate as many job-killing regulations as possible, streamline those that are truly needed, and make Anaheim the most jobs-and-business friendly city in California – a place where entrepreneurs can make their dreams come true and create jobs for the many that so desperately need them.
The result will be an Anaheim that is healthier -- economically, spiritually and civically."
Mayor Tait