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Current Power Supply Update for Anaheim Businesses

The California Independent System Operator (California ISO) is predicting that the statewide power supply situation will be adequate this summer. However, they note that a warmer than average temperatures are expected across all of California this summer which could stress statewide power production.  This coupled with the loss of generation or transmission could stress the delivery system to the point where rotating outages are a possibility, particularly in Southern California through the summer.

Anaheim Public Utilities has sufficient resources to meet the electric power needs of our customers. However, since electricity is delivered to us over the statewide power grid, Anaheim is required to participate in rotating outages, upon instruction by the California ISO, in order to help maintain the overall stability of the power grid. Such a situation would create the need for our customers to conserve electricity to help assure sufficient supplies during summer peak demand periods. Anaheim businesses have taken a active role in rapidly curtailing non-essential loads to help Anaheim avoid implementing rotating outage that could impact the entire community. We are honored to be associated with such unselfish, community minded organizations.

Block Numbers Help with Notifications

Several years ago we set up a block number system to help advise you when your business could be affected by a rotating outage. The system is still in place and will be used if a notification becomes necessary. The block number assigned to your Anaheim business is printed on your Anaheim Public Utilities bill.

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