About Us

The City of Anaheim's online resources provide active service members, veterans and, family members with information about current programs and promotions in the Anaheim community. Anaheim recognizes the transition into the civilian workforce and community can be challenging, thus creating an important need for assistance when service members return home.

Through this website, existing and returning veterans are provided online access to earned benefits and are given the tools to connect with important local resources for employment, housing, education, health care, daily living, and more.

These online resources were assembled in 2012 as one of several recommendations made by the Anaheim Veterans Working Group.  Participants of the group included Anaheim Veterans, partner organizations dedicated to serving veterans, regional government agencies, and Anaheim City staff.

Anaheim deeply appreciates the service our veterans and military families have provided, and will continue to develop programs to ensure Anaheim remains a community of kindness and freedom.

Thank you for your service.

The City of Anaheim has continually honored its veterans and active military personnel for their sacrifices to this country and unyielding bravery. In return, the City has frequently explored additional opportunities to provide assistance and well-deserved recognition to Anaheim veterans and active military personnel.

Veterans Working Group
In July 2012, City staff was tasked with comprehensively examining existing City veteran programs and activities, and exploring potential opportunities to provide additional support/resources and recognition. In response, City staff created a Veterans Working Group that consists of 22 individuals from veteran-based non-profit organizations, active community members, other government jurisdictions and multiple City department staff. The group proactively held 3 meetings at City Hall over a 3-month period to discuss veteran programs and activities.

The recommendations presented in the document below proudly represent the collective ideas of the group to provide additional assistance and recognition to Anaheim's veterans.