Above & Beyond

Michael Marquez
Recently, Benjamin Franklin School participated in a fundraiser called Pennies for Patients. The money collected is to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Our students were instructed to bring in any pennies they could spare to help these very deserving charities. However, one of my Kindergarten students, Michael Marquez, took his kindness to a whole new level. He and his mother decided to go door to door, in the city of Anaheim, to ask for donations to help raise money. They told me that at every door they knocked on there was always a friendly face. They told me that they never heard a "no" from any of the Anaheim residents. This really shows how wonderfully kind the citizens in our great city of Anaheim are. Michael raised $351.34 in the short two weeks he was collecting. I want to personally thank Mayor Tait for beginning this kindness campaign in our city, as it has impacted our students for the better. Michael and his mother are just one amazing example of how a little kindness can make an amazing difference.