Kindness by Adela Jauregui

Kindness by Adela Jauregui
I live in a neighborhood with all kinds of people. I think most everybody wants to participate in acts of kindness, but they may not know exactly how to do it. The best way to be kind is to begin, to be part of something, and to be an inspiration.

Begin - I remember last year my neighbors were going through some hardship. The husband had lost his job, and he is the father of 6 children. Due to his unemployment, the family wasn’t able to make ends meet. My family and I gave the family some clothing and paid for a few nights for them to stay at a local hotel. Then, we reached out to the rest of our neighbors, and we were able to raise enough money for them until they could get back on their feet. To this day, we keep in touch with the family, and they are all doing great!

Be a part of something- I am a CHOC patient. Because of this, I have brought my community together by having them join me in the annual CHOC Walk. In addition, with the help of my family, I organized a fundraising event and brought together many Anaheim residents and officials. By participating in these events, we were able to raise thousands of dollars for the CHOC pediatric cancer department.
As an Anaheim resident, I live in a community where there are all kinds of organizations doing great things. My family and I participate in Anaheim’s Downtown Art Crawl, Halloween Parade, and the Anaheim Historical Society each year.

As a member of the historical society, I have learned about my city’s history. There are many old homes on my street, and with a little hard work and kindness, these homes can be brought back to the way they were meant to be. My family is currently restoring our 1910 historical home, and we hope it will give others the inspiration and idea to do the same to their home.

Be an inspiration- To keep my city looking beautiful, I frequently go on routine trash walks with friends and report graffiti, in order to keep Anaheim’s neighborhoods and parks looking great. As we work to keep Anaheim beautiful, many people drive by and honk and wave. The drivers are showing us that they love what I am doing, and it makes them feel like they could do it, too.

Recently, I wrote a song about my life here in Anaheim. I kept it as a surprise, as I worked on the lyrics. I plan on performing my song at our Historical Annual Banquet on June 6 for my family and neighbors of the Anaheim Historical Society. (Song is attached on the next page)

Being kind is an easy thing to do! If kindness starts with young children in our beautiful city of Anaheim, like me, adults and other members of our city will join in. All you have to do to show kindness is begin, be a part of something, and be an inspiration!