Well lunch made me feel a tiny bit better...

I was eating my "classic taco meal" with 5 calorie lemonade and observe an older lady struggling to get out of her car, grab her walker and proceed into Del Taco. I watched her intently hoping she would look up so I could smile or say hello but she kept to herself, ordered her lunch and sat at the booth right in front of me.

The counter lady brought the elder woman her meal and said softly "Ma'am there's no more money left on your card" and the lady replied, "I know thank you".

The lady never looked up at me but I did notice her hands were curled in from the arthritis in both...I got up and walked to the lady behind the counter and asked, "Did you tell the lady her card was empty?" She replied "yes" so I handed her $10.00 cash (all I had) and asked her to put it on the ladies card and ask her to have a nice day...and walked out.

God Bless