Anaheim Employees Care

Anaheim employees perform act of kindness everyday. It is heart warming how employees go above and beyond the call of duty to help the citizens of Anaheim. It is expected from front-line employees to be compassionate and empathetic to our community by assisting to ensure a happy outcome. The one thing you don't see in other cities are employees at all levels putting themselves on the citizens' place and offering a helping hand. The other day I observed the Fire Chief escorting a senior citizen to the security guard station and asking questions to direct her to the right place.

Later on that day, I observed another City employee approaching a citizen outside the building, who seemed to be lost, and offering to direct her to the right place.

My role working with the City allows me to be on the lookout for acts of kindness and it just makes my job a lot easier and I AM PROUD to be part of this great organization.