Helping a Stranded Customer With Infant

On the morning of June 6th, a stranded female motorist was encountered in a City of Anaheim parking structure. She was holding an infant child in her arms. I approached her and ascertained if she was in need of assistance. She explained that she was in a hurry, attempting to arrive to the Anaheim West Tower offices to discuss her Public Utilities account before services were disconnected. As a result she locked her keys in her vehicle.

I attempted to utilize my AAA of Southern California Membership, but did not have the card in my possession. I then inquired from Andy Frain Services (AFS) security staff if anyone had a AAA membership, and was willing to use it to assist our customer in need.

After a short pause, AFS Jose Preciado volunteered his membership privileges, and summoned a service vehicle. He then responded to the area and awaited the arrival of the tow truck.

At 10:10 a tow truck arrived on scene and opened the customer’s vehicle. She was extremely grateful and thanked us for our help.

I would like to commend Mr. Preciado for his assistance and generosity this morning. He represented Andy Frain Services, City of Anaheim, and himself in a very selfless manner. His actions should be acknowledged & applauded. This is a great example of Mayor Tait’s “Kindness is Contagious” campaign.