A Subway Breakfast

I was running early to work and decided to stop by a local Subway to try their inexpensive breakfast and start my day with a healthy meal and a full stomach. I ordered my breakfast sandwich with a cup of orange juice and sat down to enjoy the delicious taste of egg, veggies and melted cheese inside a freshly baked flat bread.

As I was eating my sandwich, a woman walked through the door and situated herself on a table. She caught my attention because she came in carrying a load of what seemed to be personal belongings inside a luggage/backpack. She was covered up from head to toe, wearing a long black coat and a scarf to keep her from the cold. She pulled out the daily newspaper, powered on her lap-top, and got in line to order breakfast.

At that time, I was telling myself whether I should treat her to breakfast or shy away from asking. I could hear her order the same breakfast sandwich I ordered. Once the woman got the cash register, the cashier asked her if she wanted something to drink. The woman replied “Oh, is the coffee included with the breakfast?” The cashier replied “no”. At this time, it seemed that the woman was not able to afford paying for a cup of coffee that she thought was included with her meal. As she was about to reject the drink, I turned around and told her to please order her coffee and asked if she would allow me to treat her to breakfast.

The woman smiled and replied “No, I don’t mind at all”. I paid for her breakfast and she thanked me. On such a cold day like that was, I realized that having a warm cup of coffee accompany your meal can make a difference.