Kindness Goes Both Ways

I am a kindergarten teacher at Fairmont Private School on Citron Street. I have a classroom with 5 very large windows that faces Citron Street. As I teach, I can see the world (sometimes good and sometimes bad) pass by. About 5-7 years ago I noticed a little old nun (I imagine she had to be in her 90's) pass by (most days) on her way to and from St. Boniface Church. When I saw her coming up the street, I would instruct the children to run to the window and together we would (and still do) yell, "good morning sister". She is super cute, hunched over and in full-habit as she walks. At any rate, every time she hears us yell, she stops and blesses us with a signal of some sort. The children are so impressed with her happy old face and the fact that she stops to "bless" us. Fairmont is not a religious school and I am not a woman of faith; however, I believe it is my responsibility to teach these children respect, kindness, caring, love and the gift of coexistence with those who are different than we may be. I see her less often nowadays but she will forever be in my heart for taking the time to share her kindness with my many kindergarten classes. Thank you Sister, who ever you may be!