Helping the Good Deed Doers Get the Word Out

There are so many Anaheim organizations doing a variety of events, meetings, activities on behalf of others and to help others. The list is long - Anaheim Beautiful, Anaheim Arts Council, Women's Division of Anaheim Chamber, Anaheim High School Alumni Mentors, etc. With so many opportunities to "spread the word" at every meeting, every event and happening in the City, I am encouraging organizations to distribute and have available ALL of the happenings to attendees. Groups are sharing information by making flyers, announcements and information available about OTHER activities in the City. The more information, the greater the good and the more that can participate and take advantage of the wonderful work that is being done on a daily basis. Bravo to the organizations who willingly provide every organization an opportunity to share and inform! So many more Anaheim residents will be exposed to the many programs/events/meetings/celebrations in the City. If anyone wants to share their activities, contact me. I can help you get your message out through a variety of Anaheim organizations, groups, etc.