Kindness in the Colony

The community involvement and neighborliness of the residents of the Anaheim Colony is second to none. Monthly potlucks, social outings, and volunteering keep us all connected and involved with our neighbors and our city.

Another great way we interact is through our Colony email group. Over 290 people are on the group and we discuss a variety of things, from local politics to where to get the best pizza in town.

Last November, Keith Olesen sent an email to the group telling us about a family who lived down the street from him. He didn't really know this family, other than the occasional "hello", but they knocked on his door in November to let him know there may be some unusual traffic in the neighborhood. They explained that Disney and the Children's Hospital of Orange County were coming out to completely decorate the front of their house for Christmas. They pick a child from CHOC's clients every year and do this amazing thing for them. They said their eight year old daughter had been fighting cancer for five years.

Keith realized the massive display was going to create a huge electric bill for the family, so he put out a plea to the Colony email group to pitch in a dollar or two to help cover the extra large bill.

The very same day dollar bills in a variety of denominations started showing up on his doorstep; then checks started showing up in the mail. Scores of Colony neighbors pitched in towards the effort. The last donation came in from newly-elected Councilmember Kris Murray, to take the total collected over the $1,000 mark!

The money was presented to a very surprised and grateful family who in turn thanked everyone with a large basket of goodies at our Christmas potluck.

It's amazing what an impact a lot of people can make with just a little effort, and I'm grateful to live in such a place where my neighbors truly care about each other.

Oh, and the light display was fantastic too.