Kind Deed For a Disabled Young Man

My family and I visit Mexico frequently. Recently, we traveled to Aguascalientes. There we met Jose, a young man who is wheelchair bound. He touched our hearts as he humbly shared his life experience living with disabilities and challenges. His biggest obstacle is his wheelchair. It is old and heavy, making it very difficult for him to push himself around. Even though his family removed doors and extended walls, the out-dated wheelchair is a hindrance.

My husband, Mark, is also wheelchair bound. This might be the reason Jose was comfortable sharing his story, his lack of motivation and his feeling of incompetence. As soon as we returned home, Mark went to a wheelchair manufacturer to inquire about exchanging one of his own ‘retired’ wheelchairs for one in a different size that would be more suitable for Jose. They were very touched by Mark’s intentions of donating the wheelchair and they upgraded it with no hesitation. The new wheelchair is lightweight, with a rigid frame and comfortable cushion, which will allow Jose the independence and medical equipment he deserves.

We contacted Volaris Airline to assist us with the cargo shipment and this is what they had to say, "My name is Martin Gonzalez and I am part of the CEO’s Staff. Among other things, we are in charge of the Corporate Social Responsibility Department. I am very glad to see that there are people like you, willing to help others. We will do everything possible to help you to bring the wheelchair to Mexico, and take it to Jose in Aguascalientes."

Jose received his new 'shoes' within a few days. He was very happy and grateful. As for Mark and myself, we made a new friend.
Jose wearing his new shoes