Mom Shares Her Talent

My husband and I are of the firm opinion that trick-or-treating is the greatest neighborhood connection event in a year. We love that all the families leave their homes and meet each other, via the great ambassadors that their children are.

This is actually my mother's story; however, it affected three young Anaheim citizens. My mother sews as a hobby, first out of necessity in raising 7 daughters, and now as a joy for her 14 grandchildren. She made our prom dresses, bride's maid dresses, Halloween costumes, and daily clothes, including special outfits for every holiday. A couple of years ago, a little girl down the street from me mentioned that she wasn't going to go trick-or-treating because her family couldn't afford a costume. When I told my mom about it, she came to our house less than a week later with a spectacular Snow White costume, identical to the one she had just finished for my daughter (see picture).

This year, my sister (who also lives in Anaheim) had a similar conversation with two little girls who live in the apartment upstairs from her. Again, all my mom said was, "What sizes and which princesses?" Within a week, they, too, were decked out for Halloween.

I am so proud of my mom that she feels so strongly about children getting to have the joys of their childhood, that she gives of her time and skill for it.
Two little girls dressed up as Snow White