Earlier this month, I began working for the City of Anaheim. I was really exciting to be a part of the Anaheim team and to work together with the dedicated men and woman who serve this community. As part of my job functions, I am required to attend all City Council meetings. Well, during my first meeting I brought my computer bag with me to take notes and I put my wallet in the bag along with some other items. When I went home that night, I neglected to take my wallet out and in the morning I left for work without it. When lunch time rolled around the following day, I went looking for my wallet and then realized what I had done. Because I was new, I was hesitant to ask my colleagues for help. I didn’t want to come across poorly on my third day; however, my hunger eventually overcame my fear. When I went to my colleague to explain my situation, she generously offered to take me out to lunch. When I tried to repay her the following day, she declined my offer and said she was just glad to have helped. That was kind