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Property Info is an one stop source to find available commercial properties or to do property level research.

Getting Started

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*Click on the links or use the tabs on the lower left hand column.

Available Property Search – Current Commercial Real Estate Listings, you can narrow your search by Building Type & Square Footage

Property Information – Provides parcel specific information such as Zoning, Land Use Permits, Building Permits, and Active Business Licenses

Demographic Information – Easily find out basic demographics of an area, or use the data provided in the reports to conduct a market analysis. City level reports are available in the left hand column of this page.

Help Us Improve the App – Your opportunity to let us know what you thought about our app or if there are improvement you would like us to make.

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Search by – If you know your property's address or parcel number, you can enter it into the search box

Zoom To – Zoom the map to specific areas within the City

Layers – Change the map view

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