Street Light Services

The majority of street lights issues are typically repaired within 3-5 working days. However, there are instances where repairs may take longer due to issues resulting from faulty cable, vandalism, and vehicle accidents. When submitting a street light service request, please include the street address and street light pole number to assist APU in identifying the correct street light and help expedite the repair process. 

To report a street light issue, please submit a request or contact us at 714-765-3300. Thank you for your commitment to improve street light reliability in Anaheim

Street Light Replacement Program

The City of Anaheim has an ongoing program to improve roadway visibility and safety within various neighborhoods. New street light requests are coordinated by the Neighborhood Services section within the Community Services Department, and prioritized based on community feedback, assessed needs by other departments (i.e. Police, Code Enforcement), and available funding. Roadways with minimal existing lighting and/or experiencing reports of illicit activities are generally assigned a higher priority. Once a list of priority locations have been established, a project will be formed and engineered to install the new street lights.