Streetlight Services

Streetlights are typically repaired within five working days. We schedule repairs during daylight hours, so a street address and pole number helps us to locate the correct streetlight and speed repairs. Please complete this online form  for all routine streetlight requests or contact one of our representatives at (714) 765-3300 for streetlight related problems that require immediate attention, such as broken wires. Neighborhood Services can assist you with new street light installation requests, please call (714) 765-4456 for more information. 

LED Street Light Replacement Program:

Anaheim is replacing aging street light technology with more efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) street lights; enhancing roadway visibility, reducing light pollution, and decreasing upkeep and operation costs. Replacements are distributed over Anaheim’s six council districts, are replaced each year; with priority directed at heavily traveled pedestrian areas (i.e. schools, parks, intersections & crosswalks, etc.) community requests, and inter-departmental requests from Code Enforcement, Neighborhood Services, and  Anaheim Police requests. 

Streetlight Service

Report a street light problem:

If you have questions or comments regarding the Streetlight Replacement Program, please contact Vinh Tran, Program Manager at (714)765-4273 or

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