Photography Permits

You need to receive a permit from Oak Canyon Nature Center if any of the following apply…

  • You will be photographing persons for any reason with equipment other than a camera phone
  • You will be paid for your services by a client
  • Your photographs will be published
  • You will sell your photographs
  • You will be utilizing props or creating a scene
  • You will be utilizing any Nature Center facilities, such as trails and open spaces

You do not need a permit if…

  • You are taking photographs of the natural settings/ wildlife that cannot be classified under one of the conditions listed above.
All photography on Nature Center grounds, trails, or parking lot requires a permit. This includes engagement pictures, maternity pictures, headshots, and family pictures. Click here to obtain a photo permit, Call the Oak Canyon Nature Center office at (714) 998-8380 or via email with additional questions or assistance. 
Production companies may be required to receive a permit from the Public Works Department.

Please check-in with staff at in the Interpretive Center prior to your photo shoot.