Photography Permits

You need to receive a permit from Oak Canyon Nature Center if any of the following apply…

  • You will be photographing persons for any reason with equipment other than a camera phone
  • You will be paid for your services by a client
  • Your photographs will be published
  • You will sell your photographs
  • You will be utilizing props or creating a scene
  • You will be utilizing any Nature Center facilities, such as the amphitheater or deck area

You do not need a permit if…

  • You are taking photographs of the natural settings/ wildlife that cannot be classified under one of the conditions listed above.
Applications should be filed no later than ten (10) days in advance of the date you wish to shoot. To check availability or to file an application, contact Oak Canyon Nature Center by phone at (714) 998-8380 or via emailProduction companies may be required to receive a permit from the Public Works Department.

Once completed, please submit your applications via email.