Developer Incentives Programs

The Community Development Department offers several types of incentives for the production, preservation and rehabilitation of affordable housing for low-income families: Density Bonus Ordinance, Senior Citizen’s Ordinance, Gap Financing for the Development of Affordable Housing as funds become available and prioritization of City resources as they become available.

Developer Incentives Programs include:
  • Density Bonus Ordinance – Provides incentives for the development of affordable for-sale and rental housing.
  • Senior Citizens’ Ordinance – Provides incentives for the development of affordable senior housing.
  • Gap Financing - Provides loans for the creation, preservation and rehabilitation of rental housing for low-income families at rates below those charged by commercial lending institutions. Gap Loans are expected to be leveraged with other resources that may include private equity, loans from lending institutions, and/or funds from Federal, State or local programs such as Low Income Housing Tax Credits and Tax-Exempt Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds.
  • Other Incentives for Affordable Housing – Expedited entitlements, Impact Fee deferrals and Solar/Photo-Voltaic and Energy Efficiency Rebates.
  • RFP/SOQ’s – Notice to Developers who are interested in the development affordable housing opportunities.
  • Public Notice – Notice of Public Hearings.
  • Development Pipe-line – List of Project in the development pipe-line that will become available.
  • Income Limits – Link to Housing Authority Income Limit Tables.
  • Housing Elements and HCD approval Letter – Link to Planning Department Website.
  • Residential Housing Opportunity Sites Overlay – Housing Development Opportunities.
  • Reporting Documents
    • Housing Successor LMIHAF Annual Report: Annual Report Regarding the Low and Moderate Income Housing Asset Funds (LMIHAF)
    • AB987 Completed Affordable Housing Database (Health & Safety Code 33418(c) requires the redevelopment agencies to compile, maintain, and make available to the public on the internet a database of existing, new and substantially rehabilitated housing units assisted with redevelopment Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds)
    • Relocation Plans:  Posting of Relocations Plans per State and Federal Law.