Chief's Youth Advisory Council


The mission of the Anaheim Chief’s Youth Advisory Council is to work with members of the Anaheim Police Youth Services Coalition to counsel the Chief of Police on emerging issues and participate in projects that can have a positive impact on the ways local government can better serve the youth of Anaheim.
Chief's Youth Advisory Council


The Anaheim Chief’s Youth Advisory Council works under the guidance of the Chief of Police to explore community issues by gathering information, discussing solutions, and making a positive difference in the community.  Last year, the council created and implemented an Anti-Bullying curriculum to over 100 Anaheim youth.     

What is the Anaheim Chief’s Youth Advisory Council

The council is a group of young adults from all areas of Anaheim.  The council gives input on how police department programs and services affect and benefit young people.  Further, the council offers a voice in the community’s decision-making process and opportunities to lean about government operations first-hand.  The council represents: 

  • Diverse ideas.
  • Youth from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Students from public and private schools.
  • Young adults who want to make a difference on behalf of their peers and future generations in our community.

Teens are asked to:

  • Explore issues.
  • Get the facts.
  • Discuss solutions.
  • Make a difference.

Who should consider becoming a part of the Anaheim Chief’s Youth Advisory Council?

  • Ages 14 – 17 years old.
  • 2.0 minimum Grade Point Average or equivalent.
  • Be drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.
  • Two letter of recommendation from non-family members stating the reasons why the youth would make an outstanding APD Youth Advisory Council Member.
  • Recommendation from Program Administrators.
  • Submission approval of Youth Profile, Parent Consent, and Medical Release Form.