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OC River Walk 

Anaheim River Walk View 1

The OC River Walk is the City of Anaheim's vision to transform the Santa Ana River Corridor into a primary connective open space uniting the Southern California region. There are many opportunities along the river to increase public recreation, enhance the aesthetics and ecology of the river, and improve visual and physical access to the river. 

The City recently completed the OC River Walk Engineering Feasibility Study, which can be accessed by clicking here. The study identified 17 opportunities on the Santa Ana River for active transportation connections and community amenities such as parks, plazas, and art.

Citrus Park Play Area

CitrusPark-4Plans are underway to replace the existing 20 year old play equipment at Citrus Park. The new play features will include a variety of options for children of all ages and abilities. Custom features and colors will reflect Anaheim's history of Citrus farming. Funding for this project comes from the Community Development Block Grand (CDBG) program, which supports community development activities to build stronger and more resilient communities.  

Ross Park Play Area

Betsy_Ross_X_Gen_1This project will replace the existing 17+ year old play structure with red, white and blue play equipment in honor of the park’s name, Betsey Ross. The new equipment will offer a variety of play opportunities that will enhance the users social and physical development. This play area will focus on tall play pieces that have been highly requested by Anaheim’s youth.

Little Pine Park

Little Pine park logo

Click here to learn more about Little Pine Park.

Maxwell Park Fitness Station Improvements

Maxwell Exercise_3D designSeveral new fitness stations and sidewalk improvements are planned for Maxwell Park. The stations will be located along the walkway to the south of Haskett Library. Funding for this project comes from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Rio Vista Park Improvements


The restroom building at Rio Vista park is over 40 years old and in desperate need of replacement. This project will demolish the existing park restroom building and replace it with a new ADA compliant building that is safe, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. The project also includes a new stand-alone shade structure and upgraded adjacent hardscape. This project is being funded by the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.

Oak Canyon Renovation

IMG_3606_Oak Canyon
The City applied for and received $500,000 in funding from the Natural Resources Agency’s Outdoor Environmental Education Facilities grant program to install interpretive elements and make amphitheater renovations. We are currently in the early planning stage and will update the website with invitations, updated designs, and other information as it is available. 

Center Greens

Center Greens_SCHEMATIC C_final plaza design
Final Schematic Designs have been developed based on the 2019 Master Plan for the Center Greens renovations. The majority of the project will be built in one phase, with a potential second phase. The initial improvements will include the amenities shown in the two graphics above: children’s play area, youth challenge course, butterfly garden, new skate park, upgraded basketball court, meandering pathways, shaded seating and picnic areas, plaza space with shade structure, loop trail, native landscaping, and other park amenities. A splash pad may be phase 2 in the future, as funding comes available. 

Construction of the children's play area will take place in Summer 2022. This playground is being designed and installed in partnership with KABOOM!, the Anaheim Ducks, City Staff, and community volunteers. Please click here for more information on how to participate: Center Greens Playground.

Nohl Ranch

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Click here to download flyer 

The Community Services Department’s Capital Improvement Section

The Capital Improvement Section of the Community Services Department is responsible for the acquisition, master planning, design & construction of parks and trails. These projects consist of facility improvements & upgrades to existing parks and trails, as well as the development of new park land. The Capital Improvement Section also oversees development of buildings such as gymnasiums and community centers.

Capital improvements are funded by fees paid by private developers who construct new residential projects within the city of Anaheim per the Anaheim Municipal Code section 17.34. In lieu of paying a fee to the City, Developers may dedicate and develop land for parks and recreational facilities. Capital improvement projects are also funded through a variety of federal, state, and local grants.