Park Capital Improvements

The Community Services Department’s Capital Improvement Section

The Capital Improvement Section of the Community Services Department is responsible for the acquisition, master planning, design & construction of parks and trails. These projects consist of facility improvements & upgrades to existing parks and trails, as well as the development of new park land. The Capital Improvement Section also oversees development of buildings such as gymnasiums and community centers.

Capital improvements are funded by fees paid by private developers who construct new residential projects within the city of Anaheim per the Anaheim Municipal Code section 17.34. In lieu of paying a fee to the City, Developers may dedicate and develop land for parks and recreational facilities. Capital improvement projects are also funded through a variety of federal, state, and local grants.

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La Palma Park - Improvements

Anaheim - La Palma Park Concept Plan (7-22-19) v3-1 Opens in new window

The City recently completed an extensive outreach process to confirm the Master Plan concept for La Palma Park that was initially created in 2016. Neighborhood residents expressed a desire for a park that is safe and beautiful. The revised Master Plan reflects this desire and incorporates the recreation features most desired by residents. This updated plan will be used to seek funding.  

Maxwell Dog Park

Maxwell Park Master Plan_Conceptual Design_2-13-19

Multiple community meetings were held at Haskett Library to share the draft designs and obtain feedback. During those meetings, the community requested additional amenities such as agility equipment, strategically located trees, landscape buffers, and signage, etc. The above image is the final Master Plan that was developed as a result of public input and was approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission in March 2019. We are currently furthering the planning and design process which includes developing Construction Documents and submitting applications for construction permits.

Oak Canyon Renovation

IMG_3606_Oak Canyon
The City applied for and received $500,000 in funding from the Natural Resources Agency’s Outdoor Environmental Education Facilities grant program to install interpretive elements and make amphitheater renovations. We are currently in the early planning stage and will update the website with invitations, updated designs, and other information as it is available. 

Nohl Ranch

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Center Greens

Center Green Concept Board_low res_Thumbnail

A Master Plan was developed in 2019 for Center Greens renovations. The project will be built in phases, with the first phase of improvements focusing on the area adjacent to Broadway. Phase 1 improvements will include the amenities shown on the plan above: children’s play area, youth challenge course, butterfly garden, new skate park, ­an upgraded basketball court, meandering pathways, shaded seating and picnic areas, and other park amenities. 

We will update this website with future meeting invitations, updated designs, and other information as it is available.