Becky Ahlberg

Becky Ahlberg is presently serving as Executive Director of My Safe Harbor, Inc. Over her 40 years of ministry she has held positions in music ministry, youth ministry, Christian education, and family ministry. Becky was at Hope International University, Fullerton, California, from 1983-1994 on the music faculty and as assistant to the president, and has been the Executive Director of the National Church Music Conference since 1997.
Ahlberg, Becky
She is also:
  • A contributing editor for the weekly magazine, Christian Standard
  • A member of the Anaheim Religious Community Council Leadership Team
  • A member of Anaheim GRIP (Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership) Advisory Board
  • Chair of the Faith Based Sub Committee for the Anaheim Police Chief’s Advisory Board
She has been married to Daniel Ahlberg for 37 years and has 3 sons, 3 amazing daughters-in-law and 4 grandchildren.