Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP)

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program is a city-wide effort to provide safe, comfortable streets within and

around residential neighborhoods. This program provides community members the opportunity to not only voice

their concerns with traffic related issues such as speeding, traffic collisions, and cut-through traffic, but also work

with the city to ensure that these issues are addressed. Strategies to address these issues include updating street

signs, adding pavement markers and roadway striping, increased enforcement, and items such as traffic diverters

and speed lumps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My Street Qualify?

Process Overview

Current Projects

Residents seeking to obtain a status update of current Neighborhood Traffic Calming Program projects may do so

by using the tools below.

Interactive NTMP Map (will be updated)

Traffic Calming Petition Log (will be updated)

Existing Projects

The following projects have been implemented in the City of Anaheim. To view the location of all projects

implemented please use the Interactive NTMP Map.

Phase I example - Gilbert

Phase II example - W Sycamore Street

How to Apply

After reviewing your street eligibility status using the "Does my Street Qualify?" fact sheet and the Interactive NTMP Map, residents may request a petition to the NTMP in person (see details below) or by contacting Cesar Morales, Principal Traffic Engineer at (714) 765-5286 or 

  • In Person:
Public Works Department
200 S Anaheim Bvld, Ste 276, 2nd Floor
Anaheim, CA 92805

Documents and Forms

Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

Council Policy