Carlos Castiblanco

Neighborhood: Glen / Neighbors

I have been living in Anaheim 14 years. I am manager of the Complex Bahama Village, located at the corner of Mohican Way and West Neighbors Avenue. I got my bachelor’s degree in system administration equivalent to computer science in Bogota, Columbia.
Castiblanco, Carlos
Why I Serve on the Council

I enjoy sharing in special events with my friends. I enjoy being on the advisory council because I can contribute ideas and advice to improve it. I can listen to other peoples' complaints and problems. Community involvement and volunteering is important to me because we can improve the city if we all contribute with different opinions, we can all make a difference. I believe that it only takes ideas from all of us to create an Anaheim which we can all be proud of - taking 1 grain of sand and turning it into something much larger than that, and much better than when we arrived.

I have learned that the Anaheim Police Department has an immense interest in learning to serve the community in a better way. Not only to avoid crime, theft, etc., but also to share and listen in order to better prevent it. The great thing about being a member of the Chief's Neighborhood Advisory Council is to be able to convey some of the problems we may have to the Police Department, and being involved in solving them. And also the ability to listen to others who may have had the same problems.

My Neighborhood

The best thing about my neighborhood is that the people are very hard working, and have the desire to better themselves. It is important to partner with the Police Department because we can prevent crime by educating the community. With community involvement we can also assist in correcting it.