Development Activity

Andy's Map is now back online and available.

Launch Andy's Map!

We're making it easier to work with the city of Anaheim online through a new service called Anaheim: Plan. Check. Go. 

From your home, office or worksite, you'll be able to:

  • Submit applications for a contractor's business license and some utility permits
  • Track your permit status online
  • Schedule a building inspection
  • Renew a business license

As a part of this transition, Andy's Map has received improvements to ensure it continues to be a reliable tool for information. We will continue to implement additional improvements and upgrades over the next several weeks. 

Say hello to Andy’s Map! It’s our development activity map!

Andy’s Map can help you:

  • See which projects will impact streets.
  • See the status of projects.
  • Filter projects by “status” and “type of use.”
  • View on a laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone!
Andys Map LOGO

How does Andy’s Map work?

  • Just like using any other online map tool, you can:
    Zoom in and out.
  • View the City in satellite imagery or road map.
  • Allow location based services to see projects near you.
  • Click on any of the icons to bring up more project information

Can Andy’s Map help me narrow down my search?

  • You have the option to filter by “type of use or by “project status.” These options are available on the navigation bar (bottom right of page).


  • Andy’s Map wants to improve! Just click the “feedback” option at the bottom of the page to help Andy.
Application Log

  • If you are interested in viewing applications submitted to the Planning Department in the past two weeks, you can use our Application Log.