Ways to Save

  1. Ways to save energy when using air conditioner and furnaces.

  2. Around the House

    From "zone cooling" to free shade trees - learn ways to save energy as an Anaheim residential customer.

  3. Buying New Appliances

    Upgrading your appliances can save money through lower energy costs and rebates.

  4. Dishwasher

    Which wash cycles cause you to use more water? Tips on how to save water and energy while using the dishwasher.

  5. Electrical

    From installing solar panels to covering your waterbed, ways to save money on your electric bill.

  6. Fireplace

    Tips on how to make sure your fireplace doesn't eat away at your electric bill.

  1. Kitchen

    To preheat, or not to preheat? Learn which types of pans use less energy and when to use the microwave instead.

  2. Lighting

    Ways to making lighting work for you while keeping energy costs low.

  3. Refrigerator & Freezer

    Did you know your refrigerator can make up to 20% of your electricity bill? Tips to save on your biggest energy-consuming appliance.

  4. Swimming Pool & Spa

    Swimming pools and spas can be a drain on electricity - but, there are a number of ways to keep your costs in check.

  5. Washer & Dryer

    Getting the most efficiency out of your washer and dryer, from pre-soaking to detergent use.

  6. Water Heater

    How low can you set your thermostat and still keep your water warm? See tips to save on your water heater costs.


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