Harbor Substation 

Indoor Substation in Central Anaheim 

Critical Power Source to Provide Reliability and Operational Flexibility Future Development

Harbor Substation is located near the Platinum Triangle and was built inside a building that blends with similar structures in the area. This facility improves electric service reliability and provide additional power capacity to Central Anaheim.  

Project Description:

The new substation utilizes Gas Insulated Switchgear technology which allows the substation equipment to have a much smaller footprint and was constructed inside an aesthetically pleasing building. All incoming/outgoing electric lines to the substation were constructed underground.

This substation is outfitted with two transformers that provide enough additional capacity to serve 15,000 customers.

Project Benefits:

  • Harbor Substation helps Anaheim Public Utilities meet existing power demands, future development in the area, and maintain power reliability.
  • This substation helps maintain a stable level of electric service in the area during the event of a major power shutdown or service disruption.
Harbor Sub Conceptual Design