Direct Buried Cable Replacement

In the 1970’s and 1980’s, underground electrical cables were installed using the Direct Buried (DB) method where the cables were installed directly in the ground and covered with dirt.  This type of cable installation is appropriate and safe, but the cable can degrade over time and result in extensive repairs in the event of a failure. 

The purpose of the DB Cable Replacement Program is to replace the direct buried system with a more resilient conduit/duct system to improve the electric service reliability. 

Home Direct Buried Cable Replacement Program (PDF)

Active Project: Nohl Villas

Direct Buried Cable Replacement

Active Project Area(s):

  • Nohl Villas – 6401 E. Nohl Ranch Road – 85 single family homes 
   Construction – Estimated completion by late Summer 2020

Planned Project Area(s) in FY 20/21:

  • Richmont III Apartments – 141 N. Richmont Drive – 84 units
  • Lincoln Terrace Apartments – 100 N. Rob Way – 82 units
  • Coronado Palms Apartments – 1250 S. Euclid Street – 173 units
  • Hillcrest Village Apartments – 1730 N. Community Drive – 390 units
  • Fairmont/Via Alista – 119 single family homes
  • Bel Air Community – Larkwood/Meadowridge – 150 single family homes
  • Nohl Ranch/North View Drive – 33 single family homes

For more information search Anaheim’s Project ViewFinder for project number 2295.

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