Tiffany Welt

Member at Large – West District

My name is Tiffany Welt and I have lived in West Anaheim most of my life. My grandparents moved to West Anaheim in 1950’s and my family has been here since. Coming from a family that has always been involved in community activities and very strong community members, I strive to continue the community service cycle. 
After graduating high school at Western High School, I continued my education to have BFA in Fine Arts & Production/ Design with a minor in English from the California Institute of Arts. I also have an Associate’s Degree in Dance, as well as art history. My current career in Film Production, allows me the flexibility to give back to my neighborhood. Within the last few years, I have reconnected my West Anaheim roots with other fellow residents and found myself (along with my partner) taking over Renew West Anaheim. Also a member of Wand, I have been the co-chair and coordinator for the WAND BBQ and TREE LIGHTING. I have also had key roles in the recent KaBoom Park Build at Twila Reid Park.

I enjoy giving back to my community, by getting people together in great community events. Having a Southern Family, I have learned that nothing brings community together like great food and good laughter. I strive to bring that again to my neighborhood. Being on the Chief’s Neighborhood Advisory Council is a great way to continue to achieve that. I enjoy being able to have a community that has an open relationship with the police and a neighborhood we can be proud of.

My current hobbies include, but not limited too; party planning, cooking, horseback riding, shopping, decorating, community events, and traveling.