Members of the Anaheim Police Department, both sworn personnel and civilian uniformed employees, wear patches on their shirt shoulders.

Patch Description

The Anaheim patch is bordered by black, then yellow. Inside this border with yellow letters, the word "Anaheim" is written across the top and "Police" across the bottom. These words are on a blue background. Anaheim's city seal is in the middle. It has a yellow border and is on a black background. The seal represents the city's agricultural and industrial history.
Anaheim Police Department Patch

City Seal

The great seal of the City of Anaheim has the words "City of Anaheim California" across the top and "Founded 1857" across the bottom. The lemons, oranges, walnuts and vineyards represent the agricultural history of the area. The barn and oil derricks represent Anaheim's industry. The mountains in the background represent the San Gabriel Mountains.


If you would like to join the Anaheim Police Department, and proudly wear this patch, check out the employment opportunities.