City Attorney

Anaheim City Attorney provides the following services:

  • Acts as Legal Advisor for the City, City Council, and all of its elected and appointed officers in all matters relating to their official powers and duties.
  • Prosecute misdemeanor and infraction offenses in violation of City Code and Ordinances within the jurisdiction of the Anaheim City Attorney.
  • Protection of the health, safety, and welfare of the public through effective prosecution.
  • Prepares or reviews for form and legal sufficiency, all contracts, bonds, and other written instruments that require City approval or signature.
  • Prepares, or reviews for form and legal sufficiency, all ordinances and resolutions to be considered by the City Council.
  • Represents the City, its elected or appointed officials, and employees in all complaints, suits, or controversies where the City, it's employees, elected or appointed officials are named as parties.

    Please Note: 
    The City Attorney’s Office cannot represent or give legal advice to the general public. To secure legal representation, you should contact either your own private attorney, or you may contact the California Bar at 415-538-2000

    Contact the Orange County District Attorney's Office